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L. Dmitrievskaya, author of the book pharma grade hgh Cheating Age. The practice of rejuvenation ", believes that massage is one of the most effective methods of facial and neck care. The skin after it not only becomes smooth and supple, but also acquires a gentle, pleasant color. Muscle tone increases, and due to this, the shape of the face for a long time retains its natural shape. The need for massage is huge, especially since nothing else can replace it. However alpha test supplement, massage can only be done with absolutely healthy skin. If there are any rashes or inflammations on the skin, consult a doctor.

It should also be borne in mind that the primobolan dosage bodybuilding skin is elastic, but with inept movements you can stretch it, so all actions are performed along the massage lines - the lines of the least stretching of the skin. They are arranged as follows (Figure 36):

6 • from the middle of the forehead to the temporal depressions;

• from the wall of the nose to the upper curls of the ears;

• from the corners of the mouth to the trestles (middle) of the auricles;

• from the middle of the chin to the lobes of the ears.

Hand movements should be synchronous, light, gliding, but not stretching the skin. This is one of the main requirements.

Massage consists of four basic techniques:

• stroking;

• rubbing;

• tapping;

• tight pressing.

When stroking the movement plastic, soft, light, slightly pressing, they act soothingly, relieve tension.

Grinding and tapping have a deeper effect: they improve the processes of tissue metabolism and nutrition, increase muscle tone.

Tight pressing improves blood circulation, improves skin turgor and muscle tone. After the end of the massage, the face should be cleaned, thoroughly blotting with paper napkins. Massage is recommended to do with 25 years.

You dragon pharma anavar 50mg review can read a more detailed description of massage techniques in the book “Deceiving Age. The practice of rejuvenation "L. Dmitrievskaya (publishing house" Peter ") or in other books on cosmetology. Lifting complex

Neck lift


Exercise alpha x boost scam "Curious Barbara"

Curiosity is an individual feature of all women, our “horse”. It is curiosity that helps us to keep in shape in such a heavy and rapid pace of life what is a alpha test. If men "exist when they think," then we do not exist, but live life to the fullest when we are curious. Therefore, take an active interest in life and do not be afraid to seem too curious.

Purpose of the exercise

To restore the smoothness and elasticity of the skin of the neck, to make it what it was 10 years ago.

After two weeks of daily exercise, neck muscles will become more elastic. By combining this exercise with massage with oils that have a lifting effect, the structure of your skin will noticeably improve.

How to perform

1. Extend the lower jaw forward, slightly raising the chin. Imagine, you are the most curious Barbara, who peeks over the fence to her neighbor, trying to see her next boyfriend (7).

72 Increase muscle tension in the neck and chin.

3. At the time of maximum stress, count to three and relax.

Additional recommendations

• Begin to perform this exercise 5 times a day, gradually increasing the pace, bring the number of exercises to 10–15.

• The first two anavar meditech pharma 10mg months you can perform in the "lightweight" version: 1 s - tension, 1 s - relaxation.


• Later, when this exercise becomes familiar to you, do as follows: 5 s - tension, 3 s - relaxation. Exercise "Titmouse"

Of course, you have often paid attention to how cute titmouses rushing in flocks of joy. And you noticed how vigorously and agile they twist the neck Now imagine what is trenbolone enanthate that you are a carefree blue tit who "knows neither care nor labor." Let's try to make your neck the same moving.

Purpose of the exercise

This exercise will help smooth out wrinkles on the neck. If you do it daily several times a day and combine it with aromatic lifting means, then in 3-4 weeks the skin of the neck will restore its original elasticity.

How pure alpha test booster to perform

1. Try first slowly, as if mastering a new movement, turn your head to the left, while your shoulders remain motionless (8).

82 Gradually increase the tension of the neck muscles.

3. At the time of maximum tension, count to five and return your head to the starting position, relax.

4. Make the same turn of the head and neck to the right mass builder pharma.

Additional recommendations

• This exercise is recommended for sitting.

• Start with slow turns, when you get comfortable, try to gradually build up the pace.

• First, do the exercise 3 times in each direction.

• After one month of getting used to the exercise, begin to perform it in an accelerated mode: 2 s - tension, 1 s - relaxation.

• In another month, perform it as follows: 5 s - tension, 2 s - relaxation. Exercise "monkey"

What kind of animals are the most energetic, resilient and mobile Your child will tell you alpha tren side effects the answer to this question - of course, these are monkeys. They can also make fun of them. Therefore, in a zoo in front of an open-air cage with these little animals there is always a crowd of people who want to recharge with positive emotions. And now let's make a little curls!

Purpose of the exercise

Strengthen cervical muscles, achieve skin elasticity, normalize blood circulation.

How to perform

1. Pull down the lower lip and simultaneously squeeze the teeth as shown in the photo (9).

92 Touch the corners of your mouth with your fingers, while the skin can not stretch (0).

03 Increase muscle tension in the neck and chin.

4. At the testosterone enanthate and trenbolone acetate cycle time of maximum tension, count to three and relax your muscles.

Additional recommendations


• For the first two weeks, do this exercise 3 times a day, then increase the frequency and perform 10 times in a row.

• In the third week, start the exercise in an accelerated rhythm: 2 s - tension, 1 s - relaxation.

• After a month, when you completely master this exercise testosterone enanthate powder, it is recommended to do it this way: 5 s - tension, 2 s - relaxation. Exercise "Eve"

Now, like our first mother Eve, we'll bite on an apple. Your task is not only to perform this exercise technically correctly, but also to recharge yourself with certain positive emotions that we lack so much, especially during periods of short daylight hours: in winter, autumn and early spring. Remember that positive emotions are peculiar vitamins for our body.

During this exercise, imagine the most beautiful and vibrant fruit you have ever seen in life. This apple is filled with solar energy and literally glows with sacred fire hidden in it. Having bitten this wonderful fruit, you will gain vitality and tone, restore your feminine charm and appeal. You decided to taste Then go ahead!