A quality physique must show clear separation between muscle groups. Of
course that will mean different things to different people, but at its roots a
quality physique has to show definition and separation between every major
muscle group.

On that note, each individual muscle group should show clear distinction as well. It must be

evident that the muscle is prominent and that it is lean. Total muscularity is a result of training each

muscle so thoroughly that every plane, contour and aspect is brought out and fully revealed. There

cannot be any weak links and it must be evident that you have spent ample time working hard in

the weight room and spent just as much time making the right decisions when it comes to diet

and supplementation.

This program details an ideal way to lower your body fat sufficiently, giving you the opportunity to

show off your muscles and work in the gym in the way you’ve always wanted.



#1 Higher Volume Training

#2 Increased Training Pace

#3 Additional Training Principals & Methods

#4 Sharpen Mental Focus

#5 Discipline on Diet & Supplementation

#6 Post Workout – Run 1-2 miles as fast as possible 3-5 times per week


The training splits that I used were tremendous and helped me achieve a championship physique

for more than a decade. When I was in my prime, I could train all day at a high level and at a

great pace, and I liked to hit each muscle group three times per week. I realize it’s hard for a lot of

people to have time to do this and recovery could also be an issue.

However, by splitting it up into training each body part twice per week you’re really allowing

yourself a chance to enjoy maximal gains. Throw in your meal and supplementation plan, and the

results are going to get even better. In fact, I’m confident the results could be unreal for you. This

combination could really take your body to a level you didn’t think was possible. The volume, short

amount of rest and huge number of Super-Sets and tri-sets make it really happen when it comes

to the workouts. This type of training really clicked for me and I think it will do the same for you.

Remember, you get what you put into your body so make it count as well, whether you’re in the

gym or at the dinner table. You’re building an intricate sculpture, and it’s going to be evident each

day what you’re doing. The choice is yours and the sky is the limit.




I used and added a number of different methods to this template of workouts. I also
added some new twists to help shock your body even more and open yourself up to more
growth. The key to utilizing these methods is subbing them in at the proper time.

I had a similar set up and split for years, but when I needed a boost or when I needed to jump-start some

muscle growth, I would sub in one or two of these methods. It kept things fresh, gave me a great pump, kept me

motivated and intense in the gym, and yielded some news gains as well.



After a warm-up set or two, find a weight you’re only able to get for one rep. After you perform that 1 rep, take just

enough weight off to perform 2 reps. From there, do the same for 3 reps and 4 reps, going all the way up to 10

reps. This is brutal because you take no rest in between sets. The only rest you get is when you’re unloading the

weights. This was a very effective way to vary things for me, and it’s a total shocker to the muscle.


After a warm-up, perform the exercise with weight you can get for 5 reps than immediately take some weight off

and get another 5-8 reps. Then with no rest keep repeating, reducing your weight, until you’re down to the bar,

repping that for 20 reps.


Training right in front of the dumbbell rack was a favorite of mine. I would pick an exercise and shock it by running

the rack, which can make for a brutal extended workset. For example, start with 80 lb. dumbbells for 5 curls, put

them down and immediately grab the 70s for 8, then 60 lbs for 12 and on down the line until you get to the end.

This can be applied to any exercise and your muscles will be screaming after this.


You do a full-range rep on a particular movement and then either go ¼ back down or let the weight down (or up,

depending on the movement) before finishing another partial rep. That is considered one rep. This really freaks out

the muscle fibers and gives you an incredible pump.


This method is crazy and it will humble the weights you’re using very fast. It is performed by doing 7 regular reps,

7 extra slow reps (on both the eccentric and concentric), 7 ½ reps at the top, and finishing with 7 ½ reps at the

bottom. This is a crazy method, but be warned – you will need to go light to get through this.


This is simply slowing down the motion. While doing the movement, you’re counting in your head 5 seconds up

and 5 seconds down on each rep. This makes you have flawless form. Technique is imperative here and it’s a

great way to test your strength while using this time under tension method.


Pick one exercise and see what you can do for a 1-rep max. To get there, work up to the weight with the following

rep pyramid, taking ample rest between each set: 20, 15, 10, 8, 5, 3, 1, 1, 1 (max)



Use this as a quick reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint to Cuts.

Cross the workout off as you complete them and track your own progress.



When I was in my prime, there certainly weren’t the vast amount of
supplements available to lifters today. In fact, they were pretty basic, but
they were still divided up into the same categories (pre-workout, post-
workout, protein, etc.) and there were some that I really relied on to be

These days, supplements have really advanced to impressive degrees, and we’ve really put

forward a great deal of resources to make sure our supplement line is both safe and effective.

Endless trials and studies have proven this, and when implemented properly – especially during

a cutting phase – they can play a major role in getting leaner and preserving (or even building)


For my own contest prep, I wanted to make sure I could reveal all the hard-earned muscle I had

achieved in the gym. I spent a great deal of time and pushed my body to the brink to put on

quality muscle, and I didn’t want it disappearing during contest prep because I wasn’t taking the

right supplements or I wasn’t getting the most out of my diet.

Through the years, I’ve found what has worked and what hasn’t through endless trial and error,

and I’m excited to pass those successes on to you.

This supplement regimen is vastly different from the old days, and that means it’s vastly improved

as well. When utilized and timed correctly, these supplements and this diet plan can yield

outstanding results, getting you lean, keeping you muscular and taking your body to new levels.

Don’t worry about any of the guesswork of what to take, when to take it, what to eat or any other

questions you may have. That’s all been removed with this plan. All you have to do is follow along

and the benefits will come.

This supplement regimen is a huge improvement from what I had, and I have the highest level of

confidence that your body will look decidedly different if you fully dedicate yourself to this program.

Everything is presented to you here and now it’s up to you to attack it with an incredible fury.

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